Let’s Help Each Other!

We read books!


We are alchemists.

Writers make gold and we need to work together to make more of it. The world needs our words.

Let’s swap interviews, tweet about you to our followers, and share your Facebook or amazon or other pages on our Facebook. Do you draw, design, write? We would love to connect, promote, and rub elbows with other creatives. Tell us how we can help.

hawkandyoung@gmail [dot] com

Want more Beta readers? So do we! Let’s share! Do you know a reader who would like to read science fiction and fantasy and offer up solid critique? Share them with us! We’ll take good care of them.

Do you want to BE a Beta Reader? Email us to get on our list. We’ll send you stories to read and comment on.

hawkandyoung@gmail [dot] com

Do you want us to read your work and leave you feedback? We’d be happy to! Contact us to work out the details.

Want to join us for the big plunge?? Let’s take your short stories and our short stories and make a book! We also share flash fiction, 1,000 words, on our page from awesome authors just like you. No commitment, just exposure and honest critique.

Want to support us by tweeting and sharing and reading our stuff but don’t have anything else to share, nor want to make any commitments outside of yourself? Join our Launch team! Email us saying you want to join our launch team, or message us on Facebook, and you’ll get exclusive access to a closed Facebook group.


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